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The Mystery of Harris Burdick

Harris Burdick was a picture book author who one day visited a publisher. He brought with him a single drawing from each of his 14 books. On each drawing (a few you can see above) was a title, and a single line of text. The publisher told him to return the next day with the full picture books, and he would decide which ones he would purchase and publish. The publisher kept the original 14 pictures. Burdick didn’t return. For years the publisher tried to find this man, but to no avail. All that is left are these pictures with titles and small amount of text, as to challenge the viewer to make up there own story.

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Emma McNally (2011-12)

These stunning graphite illustrations convey a particularly cartographic conjecture, with imaginary planes and connections, intersecting squares, circles, and dots. The abstract lines, shapes, and patterns make for some striking textures and resemble classic mappings of cyberspace through nodal connections of imagined networks.

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For all your post-apocalyptic Resident Evil world, LotR travelling to Mordor, and Assassin Creed needs.

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sneak peak 

sneak peak 




Least Likely to be Adopted

LaNola Stone’s concept was to make “fashionesque images” of the longest in residence at the dog pound near her home (some dogs had been there over six months). She specifically asked for the dogs that were the “least likely to be adopted” and took their portraits to represent them with personality, youth and “edge” in order to aid their adoption. All the dogs included in the series were adopted.


They’re beautiful

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